• Tolges

    German engineering and efficient production enable us to meet the highest specifications when it comes to developing products which offer real benefits. For over three decades our team of 90 well-qualified technicians has been generating ideas based on plastics and creating…

Wheels and tyres

Whether it's for prams, toys, wheeled walkers, transport equipment or golf caddies, wheels and tyres made by Tolges have a wide and
diverse range of applications.

Spacing elements

Spacing elements with an external bore of 10 - 40 mm and a length of 1 - 35 mm (in 0.1 mm stages) are
standard articles used in a wide range of industries (e.g. furniture making, mechanical engineering, the electrical industry).

Packaging materials

Protective corners with a thickness ranging from 4 -
125 mm for use in the furniture and glass industries, for example, together with edge protectors for strapping and belts provide your goods with best possible protection.


Rollers with diameters ranging from Ø 25 - 115 mm in various widths and versions, partly manufactured in the 2-K process, for use in industrial materials handling equipment.

ADP Wicket Pins

Wicket pin for stacking plastic bags for use in the packaging industry. The cap is connected to the hollow-cylinder section of the pin.

Technical parts

A comprehensive offer covering more than 2,500 articles from the most diverse areas demonstrates our production capacities. Take advantage of our know-how to put your ideas into practice.