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ABOUT TOLGESThe name Tolges represents innovation and know-how in plastics technology and tool manufacturing.

Our motto is 'Ideen aus Kunststoff' – ideas with plastics – and for more than 35 years this has summed up exactly what we do. As a result TOLGES products can be found in everyday life, commerce and industry right round the world.

For over three decades our team of 75 well-qualified technicians has been generating ideas based on plastics and creating both individual products and all-round solutions.

Our in-house R&D/design, tool making, injection moulding and assembly departments provide our customers not just with one-stop shopping but also with consistently high quality standards.


In our production facilities we process almost all standard thermoplastics and elastomers, including ABS, EVA, PA, PC, PE, PEI, PMMA, POM, PP, PS, PVC, TPE and TPU.

Thanks to our operations on behalf of a wide range of different industries we have in-depth know-how when it comes to processing technical plastics.

Key Data

  • Machine clamping force: from 25 t to 1,000 t
  • Injection weight: from 1 g to 8,000 g
  • Part size: from 1,300 mm (W) x 2,000 mm (L)
  • 2-component injection with plasma finishing
  • Assembly of component group
  • Pad, screen and embossed printing

2-component process

In the 2-component process a hard component (plastic) is combined with a soft component (elastomer) in a joint synchronous process to create a composite part.

This process enables the physical properties (strength, weight) of both materials to be combined in an
optimum way.